From Iceland — Leaked Memo Created Within Ministry, Sources Contend

Leaked Memo Created Within Ministry, Sources Contend

Published February 27, 2014

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Sources within the Ministry of the Interior contend that a memo which leaked to select members of the press and impugned a Nigerian asylum seeker was, in fact, created within the ministry.

DV reports that sources they spoke to say that the now-infamous memo on Nigerian asylum seeker Tony Omos and the mother of his child, Evelyn Glory Joseph, was written within the ministry on November 19 of last year. The memo, which made accusations against Tony and Evelyn that later proved untrue, was leaked to select members of the press the same day.

However, the memo was not put on the ministry register until some time later. Until that time, the only people who had access to the memo were the ministry employee(s) who wrote it, Minister of the Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir and her assistants, Gísli Freyr Valdórsson and Þórey Vilhjálmsdóttir.

As reported, capital area police and the Special Prosecutor are currently conducting a criminal investigation of the ministry, after lawyers for both Tony and Evelyn filed charges against the ministry, including breach of confidentiality, slander, and abuse of public office.

The ministry has insisted that they conducted their own investigation into the matter, and concluded that the memo did not leak from the ministry – despite the fact that all evidence points to the ministry as the sole source.

For more on this story, see An Open Letter To Minister Of The Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir and So Who’s This Tony Omos I Keep Hearing About?

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