From Iceland — Vodafone Supplied Police With Illegal Data

Vodafone Supplied Police With Illegal Data

Published January 22, 2014

Nanna Árnadóttir
Photo by
WK Yeung
Telecom company Vodafone supplied police with data from 2007 despite it
being illegal for Vodafone to retain information on calls for longer than six months, reports RÚV.
Two years ago, Vodafone provided information about three phone calls made in 2007 in connection to an investigation of a sexual offence case. The information included the names and numbers of those who made the calls, as well as the duration of each call in question.
In a statement to the media, representatives of Vodafone confirm that the data should have been destroyed as it was older than six months.
The statement from Vodafone also asserted that shortly following the handover to the police they modified their procedure for destroying data and that now, no data is stored for longer than six months, as required by law. They conceded, however, that this does not erase their wrongdoing and that the data should not have been stored nor handed over in the first place.
Currently no data older than six months is stored with the company, Vodafone has been especially vigilant in this regard since the hack into their system last year.
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