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Peace Tower Relit In Honour Of Yoko Ono’s Birthday

Published January 19, 2014

In light of Yoko Ono’s birthday today, the City of Reykjavík have decided to relight Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower, reports Vísir.

The Imagine Peace Tower was created as a memorial to John Lennon and has the words, “Imagine Peace” written on the monument’s exterior in 24 languages. The memorial, which consists of a tall tower of lights and prisms that reflect a column of light vertically into the sky, has become a tourist attraction for Icelanders and foreigners alike.

The tower is usually lit for a month each year starting on John Lennon’s birthday, October 9th and through to December 8th, the date he was shot.

The tower will be turned on at 18:00 today and will remain lit until 10:00 tomorrow morning.

The City is offering a boat ride out to the tower for anyone who would like to see it at 20:00 pm tonight, pick up is at the old harbour in central Reykjavík.

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