From Iceland — Restaurants In Cape Cod Serving Icelandic Cod

Restaurants In Cape Cod Serving Icelandic Cod

Published January 3, 2014

Due to fishing restrictions in New England, restaurants in Cape Cod have stopped serving local cod in favour of Icelandic cod.
Cod once sustained New England’s fishing industry, but in recent years, regulators have imposed severe catch limits on cod, and the fish remain scarce, NPR reports.
As a result restaurateurs in Cape Cod who can no longer afford the skyrocketing prices for locally sourced cod have begun serving Icelandic cod instead.
“Everybody up and down the road has got the same cod from Iceland on their menu right now. If it’s on the menu, it’s more than likely Icelandic,” said John Pontius, owner of Finely JP’s, a seafood restaurant on the Cape.
Gloucester, Mass., north of Boston, was once the busiest fishing port in the world because of the abundance of cod. But those times are long gone.

To deal with the shortage, New England fishermen are turning to other types of fish — specifically, dogfish.
John Pontius told NPR that it might be beneficial to change the name of Cape Cod altogether. His suggestion? Cape Dogfish.
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