From Iceland — Insurance Company Warns People To Be Careful With Fireworks

Insurance Company Warns People To Be Careful With Fireworks

Published December 27, 2013

It is legal to purchase and ignite fireworks in Iceland, and an insurance company is offering tips on how to use and dispose of them safely.
VIS Insurance Ltd. says that while accidents related to fireworks have reduced, and fireworks themselves are much safer, there are still some important details to have in mind this New Year’s Eve.
Apart from advising the use of safety glasses and wool or leather gloves when setting off fireworks, VIS also recommends the following:

Fireworks should be kept in a dry place where children cannot reach. It is not recommended to store fireworks from year to year.
Read all the instructions on fireworks before firing them off.
Close the windows and lock the doors before you go out to celebrate.
Everyone should use goggles, whether they are igniting the fireworks or just watching.
Have in mind that children do not understand the dangers of fireworks as well as adults do.
Be mindful of the animals around you; they are frightened by the noise and the lights.
Fireworks are not toys. Real hearing damage can be done through pranking.
Alcohol and fireworks do not mix. Many do not respect this, and men in particular have injured themselves this way.
When firing a rocket, keep the other fireworks far from the scene. Do not keep fireworks in your pocket.
Fire all fireworks at least 20 metres from the house, cars and other people, and be sure to stand upwind of the firing area.
Never light fireworks whilst holding them; you should only do this with flares.
If a rocket does not go off, do not retrieve it until a few minutes have passed. Do not attempt to re-ignite it, but pour water over it instead.

VIS also points out that fireworks can only be purchased without a special permit from December 28 to January 6. Children under 12 may not buy fireworks, and those 12 to 16 may only buy those fireworks that do not have a prescribed age minimum.

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