From Iceland — Icelander Reaches Antarctica's Tallest Peak On Christmas Eve

Icelander Reaches Antarctica’s Tallest Peak On Christmas Eve

Published December 27, 2013

Icelandic adventurer Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir spent Christmas Eve on Mount Vinson, Antarctica’s tallest peak, as a part of her plan to climb the tallest mountain of each continent.
DV reports that Vilborg reached the top of Mt. Vinson along with actress Halla Vilhjálmsdóttir on Christmas Eve. Reporting to those following back home, Vilborg wrote:

Team Iceland did well, and the whole group reach the peak. But BRRRRR probably the coldest summit day up to now. The way up was really beautiful, but due to the cold and wind there were no photos.
Hopefully you’re all enjoying Christmas. We are, too, just in our own way. I plan to surprise Halla tomorrow with some malt [extract] and orange [soda] with our Christmas dinner.

Vilborg plans to climb the tallest mountain on each continent by May 2014. She has reportedly already made it to the top of the tallest peaks in North America, Europe and Australia. From Antarctica, she will travel to South America and Africa, saving Mt. Everest for last.
Grapevine readers are probably most familiar with Vilborg for earning the distinction of being the first Icelander to travel solo to the South Pole. She was only back from the journey for a few months before she embarked on her plan to climb the world’s tallest mountains within the span of a single year.

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