From Iceland — "Geirvarta" Ugliest Word In Icelandic

“Geirvarta” Ugliest Word In Icelandic

Published November 16, 2013

The results of the Ugliest Word In Icelandic contest are in, and geirvarta – nipple – is the definitive winner.
The contest offered 15 finalist words to choose from in a Facebook gallery, with voting counted based on the number of Likes with each word.
Geirvarta won handily, receiving 250 Likes at the time of this writing. Coming in close behind were mótþróaþrjóskuröskun (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) with 123 Likes, líkþorn (foot corn) with 88 Likes, and legslímuflakk (endometriosis) with 79 Likes.
Vísir reports that the organisers of the contest, students Viktor Orri Valgarðsson and Garðar Þór Þorkelsson, had invited the Minister of Education, the Prime Minister and the President to attend the award ceremony held last night at the Hole of Icelandic Studies, an informal name given to an excavated lot adjacent to the University of Iceland library (seen above) where the House of Icelandic Studies is planned to be. None of them attended.
The contest was organised in the wake of the recent contest to pick Icelandic’s most beautiful word, with the winner there being ljósmóðir (midwife).

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