From Iceland — ISP Offering Proxy Access

ISP Offering Proxy Access

Published October 25, 2013

An internet service provider in Iceland is offering its customers non-Icelandic IP addresses in order to access websites which would normally be blocked to them.
As many outside America know, some websites – such as Hulu and Netflix – are inaccessible beyond US borders. Vísir reports that one Icelandic ISP hopes to change that.
Telecommunications company Tal is now offering a “Lúxusnet” package which, among other things, will allow customers to access the internet through an IP address from a range not blocked by US-only sites.
“Use of foreign content providers and websites is always the responsibility of the customer,” Tal managing director Petrea Ingileifur Guðmundsdóttir told reporters, adding that Tal is simply providing technical solutions for its customers.
Snæbjörn Steingrímsson, managing director of The Association of Film Rights-Holders (SMÁÍS) in Iceland, objects to Tal’s reasoning.
“This logic doesn’t hold, neither morally nor legally, in our opinion,” he told reporters. “In reality, this is exactly the same reasoning that we hear regarding torrent sites.”
Snæbjörn says SMÁÍS will be in touch with Tal shortly.

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