From Iceland — Reykjavík's Mayor Wonders If Jesus Was Gay

Reykjavík’s Mayor Wonders If Jesus Was Gay

Published August 2, 2013

Mayor of Reykjavík Jón Gnarr wonders whether Jesus Christ was crucified because he was gay.

Jón gave a speech at an international conference on human rights in Belgium on Thursday, held in connection with the World Outgames which commence in Antwerpen tomorrow, reports.

In his speech, Jón emphasized the importance of equal rights for everybody. He claimed it was as important for mayors and other politicians to fight for human rights as it is to fill up holes in the streets or improve the education system. If anything, human rights should be at the top of politicians’ lists.

Jón stated that he, personally, is fighting for gay rights and that Reykjavík, as a city, should support all human rights causes. That was why he, as Mayor of Reykjavík, wants to revoke the city’s partnership agreement with Moscow, as Russian authorities are persecuting gay people. He urged other mayors of European cities to follow Reykjavík’s example and put human rights first.

He added that last year he had written a letter to the Mayor of Moscow and asked him to respect human rights, without getting a reply. Jón said he had also written to the Pope, regarding the Vatican’s homophobic stance, but didn’t receive a reply from there either, despite writing the letter in Latin.

Furthermore, the Mayor of Reykjavík stated that some religious groups mistakenly thought that gods were against homosexuality and speculated that Jesus Christ might have been gay. He had not been much involved with women and perhaps his sexuality was the reason he was crucified.

Jón Gnarr’s speech on Reykjavík’s website.

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