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Happy Ending For Goldfish Sigurwin

Published July 23, 2013

Sigurwin the goldfish has found happiness with goalkeeper Þóra Björg Helgadóttir. After what some people believe was a traumatic experience for him, as the mascot for Iceland’s football team, Sigurwin is now swimming away in his brand new, big aquarium in Þóra‘s home.

As soon as she and Sigurwin reached home after the Euro Cup in Växjö, Þóra went to a pet shop and bought all the appropriate gear for a goldfish, she told RÚV.is.

“This is my first pet since I was a little girl,” Þóra said in a TV interview. She said she’s learning a lot about goldfish, for instance that Sigurwin needs time to adapt to his new living quarters as they’re so much bigger than what he’s used to. “I’m not allowed to fill up the aquarium with water yet, if I add more water he’ll die.”

But all in all, Þóra seems happy with her new live-in partner. Not quite the usual Disney ending but maybe a PIXAR ending?

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