From Iceland — Nearly 170 Reported UFO Sightings

Nearly 170 Reported UFO Sightings

Published April 24, 2013

Rex Beckett

The chairman of the FFH UFO enthusiast club, Magnús Skarphéðinsson, says that there are nearly 170 reported UFO sightings in Iceland, Vísir reports.
Magnús made this statement yesterday afternoon in an interview on Rás 2 radio station, adding that 30 of the locally reported sightings have been very well detailed. He says that he has compiled between 160 and 170 accounts of UFO sightings, which he has confirmed by follow up interviews a year after the initial statement. He uses these two interviews to compare details and determine if they are consistent or if they were fabrications.
He says that about half the testimonies he receives of supposed UFO sightings do turn out to simply be planes or satellites but that others are unquestionable. “You have cases such as that of Alda Jónsdóttir and her husband,” he says. “They were driving on Norðlingabraut when they saw three discs fly over red water, stop briefly to hover and then dart away.”
Magnús said this during a discussion about the American documentary Sirius, in which the filmmakers investigate the alleged discovery of a small alien skeleton in Chile. The documentary asserts that the skeleton is quite ancient and possesses a genome that is not found elsewhere in the natural world. Magnús praised the documentary for the quality of the documentary and added that he feels there is no doubt for alien life in the universe.
The entire interview can be heard in Icelandic here.

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