From Iceland — Seamen 'Outraged' By Eyþór Ingi’s Music Video

Seamen ‘Outraged’ By Eyþór Ingi’s Music Video

Published March 27, 2013

The video for Eyþór Ingi’s Eurovision offering “Ég Á Líf” debuted a couple of weeks ago and it portrays the long-haired crooner dramatically commandeering a small fishing vessel, dramatically gutting a fish, dramatically falling into the sea, and dramatically reflecting on his cartoon childhood memories of being at sea with, presumably, his father.
It’s all very dramatic.
But the dramatics have left some Icelandic fishermen rather unimpressed, Vísir reports.
There has been immense outrage among the fishing community because of this video,” said Aríel Pétursson. “It rewrites all that we know. The average European might not notice, but for a sea enthusiast, like myself, this video was just terrible.”
Among the fisherman’s complaints of the video is the fact that it depicts Eyþór Ingi (dramatically) gutting a redfish, which Aríel says makes about as much sense as peeling a hotdog. For those not in the know, redfish apparently empty their own stomachs because of the pressure difference when they’re hauled up to the surface, so gutting them isn’t something that a real fisherman would do.
Aríel also wasn’t impressed by the dainty way the singer wields his gutting knife or his designer duds at sea, which he calls “quite ludicrous.”
Poor Eyþór Ingi. Fishermen are a tough bunch to impress.

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