From Iceland — Unusual Seismic Activity In Mount Hekla

Unusual Seismic Activity In Mount Hekla

Published March 26, 2013

The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police (NCIP) has heightened the level of surveillance of the Hekla volcano to “uncertainty phase” due to unusual seismic activity.
Martin Hensch of the Met Office told RÚ that the Office is closely monitoring seismic activity, as there have been a number of these unusual earthquakes in the last two weeks.
Further increasing suspicions of volcanic activity, an earthquake of magnitude 1.4 occurred in Hekla at an unusual depth of 11.2 km at 08:23 UTC this morning, according to the Icelandic Met Office.
The police have warned hikers and people travelling near the volcano that the uncertainty level is indeed valid and that hiking Hekla is probably not the brightest idea.
Still, the National Commissioner of Police Civil Protection Department Víðir Reynisson told RÚ that there is nothing indicating immediate danger of an eruption.

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