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Inseminators On Their Way To Strike

Published November 20, 2012

Iceland’s livestock inseminators could be on their way to going on strike if a collective bargaining agreement cannot be reached.
DFS, the newspaper of south Iceland, reports that the inseminators have been in tough negotiations with the country’s agricultural organisations over what they see as unfair wage conditions. If no resolution can be had, they will go on strike after the new year.
The inseminators contend that their salary is inordinately low when compared to that of other agricultural workers of roughly the same level of technical expertise. In fact, they have not had a stable collective bargaining agreement since January 2008.
If they do go on strike, it should be noted that by Icelandic law, striking workers cannot be replaced. Rather, it will be up to the livestock owners to take up the task themselves unless and until an agreement can be reached.
Negotiations are still ongoing.

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