From Iceland — Science Magazine Praises Björk

Science Magazine Praises Björk

Published November 16, 2012

The Scientific American offered praise for artist Björk Guðmundsdóttir, in particular for her new music video.

In the article, appearing on the blog of the Scientific American, they begin by explaining Iceland’s volatile geological nature, resting as it does on top of the meeting place between two tectonic plates. Andrew Thomas Huang, the director of the video, drew inspiration from this phenomenon, visiting geological museums for ideas.

Huang explains the concepts that went into making the video, saying:

Björk and I were examining not just the act of tectonic subduction [when one plate moves beneath another], but also how it’s represented in science education. We always see strata [layers of sediment] laid out as colorful graphic ribbons. That was the impetus for the rainbow colors cascading over each other. … You might think, Who would ever make a song about tectonic plates? But one of the things that makes Björk so genius is that she is one of very few artists who attempt to make poetry from science plus music. Typically we associate volcanic activity with anger or ferocity. Björk gets happy when she thinks of a volcano; she thinks it can be positive too. That’s something I hope came through in the video.

As reported, Mutual Core is one of thirteen songs remixed for her new album ‘Bastards’, set to be released this Monday.
Watch the video in full below:

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