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Human Centipede 2 Icelandic Premiere Tonight; Director To Answer Audience Questions

Published November 11, 2011

The Human Centipede 2 will make its Icelandic premiere at Háskólabíó tonight, and the screening will be prefaced by an open Q&A session with director Tom Six.
The movie has been touted as a far more graphic version of the original, whose main storyline was a German doctor sewing three human beings together, mouth-to-anus, and then emotionally tormenting them. Tom Six has said in previous interviews that the inspiration for the original movie was in dreaming up a fitting punishment for a convicted paedophile. Despite the subject matter, most of the more graphic aspects of the film were concealed with the use of bandages.
The sequel to this movie, The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, promises to be more graphic than its predecessor. Having its first showing tonight in Iceland, director Tom Six will open the screening by taking questions from audience members.
Ísleifur B. Þórhallsson, who has arranged to bring Six to Iceland, is taking no chances. He has promised that there will be at least 300 vomit bags on hand, as well as paramedics on stand-by to provide oxygen, if needed. He added that Six is apparently terrified of flying, so for him to be making the effort to come to Iceland is an indication of how important it is to him that his fans here have the opportunity to speak to him.

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