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Cambridge Releases Film: Landscapes Of Icelandic Sagas

Published September 26, 2011

Dr. Emily Lethbridge from Cambridge University is traveling around Iceland in a decommissioned Land Rover ambulance to research the settings of Iceland’s Sagas. A taste of these stunning landscapes can be seen in a short documentary film ‘Memories of Old Awake’, which was released today by Cambridge University.
“While the stories are rooted in the landscapes all around Iceland, there is little description of them in the sagas. I decided to spend a year travelling around the country exploring the settings of each saga and meeting the people who, remarkably, still live today in places named in the sagas,” Emily said in a press release.
“The sagas have always been more than words on a page to Icelanders. And through exploring how the stories and places in them are so intertwined, even in modern times, my understanding is deepening.”
See the film:

Memories Of Old Awake from Cambridge University on Vimeo.

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