From Iceland — Falcons Being Hunted Alarms Conservationists

Falcons Being Hunted Alarms Conservationists

Published September 19, 2011

The Icelandic Institute of Natural History (IINH) has formed a cost-cutting alliance with the international airport in Keflavík, and discovered that some falcons have been clearly shot and left to die.
When dead animals are brought to IINH, one of the first thing officials do is check to examine how the animal died. Part of this examination involves the use of X-rays.
However, X-rays are expensive, and the IINH – like many government institutions – has had to try and find ways to cut corners. Víkufréttir, the regional news service for Suðurnes, reports that for this, the IINH has turned to an unlikely partner: the international airport in Keflavík.
There, dead falcons brought to the IINH are allowed to pass through the X-ray machine used for cargo. Part of this process has revealed some evidence of Icelandic falcons being hunted (WARNING: link contains image that some viewers may find disturbing).
There is evidence that some 25% of falcons being brought to the IINH had been hunted, which is illegal. Whether the birds are being shot on purpose, or shot accidentally and then abandoned, has not been determined.

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