From Iceland — Activist Group Temporarily Prevents Eviction

Activist Group Temporarily Prevents Eviction

Published September 1, 2011

A group of activists temporarily delayed the eviction of a woman who had been living in her home without paying her mortgage in over three years. Video of a scuffle between activists and police was caught on video.
DV reports that the woman in question had stopped making payments to the bank for her house in May 2008, and had been living there for free ever since. After trying other avenues, Arion Bank decided that she needed to be evicted from the premises, so that the house could be sold.
However, when asked to leave, the woman refused. Police were then dispatched, along with a locksmith, to remove her from the premises.
A group calling itself Heimavarnarliðið (the Home Defense Team) arrived on the scene to prevent the eviction. A scuffle with police ensued, with members of the press there to take photos and record it on video.:

In the end, the woman was not removed from the house, as a representative from the county seat said that the eviction would be stalled. This was because the woman had filed a formal complaint with the Financial Supervisory Authority that Arion Bank did not have the legal authority to evict her. She will remain in the house while her complaint is investigated.

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