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Bus Accident Likely Caused By Reckless Driving

Published August 9, 2011

A bus that flipped completely over and sank into a lake with 22 passengers on board may have been the result of reckless driving, as the tour group running the bus has a long history of such, if their own video promotional material is anything to go by.
The accident began when a group of Czech tourists were taking a bus ride across the interior of southeast Iceland, as part of the Czech tourist company Adventura. Last Friday, the bus flipped over, landing upside-down in the lake Blautulón. All passengers on board escaped unharmed.
This is unfortunately not the first time Adventura has ended up having an accident, as these photos attest.
Police in the region are still investigating the matter. An Icelandic tour guide, speaking to RÚV, said that the company has been known for dangerous behaviour and reckless driving.
Proof that there might be something to this claim can be found in one of Adventura’s promotional videos, shown below. The video shows tourists sitting on top of the bus during a river crossing, and the driver taking the vehicle across unpaved roads in the highlands at speeds around 80 kph, often while taking sharp turns.

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