From Iceland — ELFGATE: Elves Still Not Happy, Town Redoubles Efforts To Appease Them

ELFGATE: Elves Still Not Happy, Town Redoubles Efforts To Appease Them

Published June 30, 2011

Apparently the mountain-dwelling elves of Bolungarvík are still unsatisfied with construction in the area they supposedly live, and townspeople are reaching for new ways to please them.

As Grapevine reported, construction of avalanche barriers near the town have been met with numerous inexplicable mechanical failures, including a misfiring explosion that scattered rocks across the town. This has led some to the conclusion that elves are responsible.

Initially, spiritualist Vigdís Kristín Steinþórsdóttir convinced parish priest Rev. Agnes Sigurðardóttir to confer blessings upon the area, in the hopes of appeasing or driving away the elves. However, many in the town believe this is not enough.

RÚV now reports that many people in Bolungarvík had called upon the town council to issue a public apology to the elves for having upset their homes with construction. Town council dismissed the idea, saying that there was most likely a rational, earthly explanation for the recent mechanical failures and mishaps.

The townspeople are having none of that, and have taken matters into their own hands. Musician and town resident Benedikt Sigurðsson believed that music may be the answer, saying, “I have been asked, by both elves and humans, to reach concordance on this matter, and I hope to be able to do so with these songs.” Construction machinery was turned off while adults and children alike sang and made prayers for peace between elves and humans.

If this does not succeed, it is unknown what more drastic measures will need to be taken to ensure elves plague the town no more.

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