From Iceland — The Fox Is Still White, It's DesignMarch, Svavar Was Shocked

The Fox Is Still White, It’s DesignMarch, Svavar Was Shocked

Published March 25, 2011

It’s Friday, March 25, 2011 and the front pages are happening as usual. Fréttablaðið reports, the eight year old boy whose mother was murdered in Norway is going “home to the Westman Islands after the tragedy in Norway.” He will join his father there.
Today’s photo shows a pretty white arctic fox. “A Fox in his winter outfit,” the caption reads. “This beautiful fox will be in his white winter outfit for another two months although he lives in the petting zoo in Reykjavík and probably doesn’t need to disguise himself. This summer he will wear his grey outfit” (note: I use ‘outfit’ as a direct translation for ‘búning’ for fun, but it probably doesn’t sound so silly when Icelanders read it).
Lastly, a committee’s verdict that Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir violated equal rights law by hiring Arnar Þór Másson as her office manager, “calls for clearer procedure policy” (oh).
Meanwhile, Morgunblaðið reports, “we need certain answers now.” SA, the Confederation of Icelandic Employers, and ASÍ, the Icelandic Federation of Labour, are waiting impatiently for the government’s answers about a proposed fisheries management system of sorts.
Today’s photo shows people dazzled by fashionably dressed mannequins. “The festival of Icelandic design has begun in Reykjavík,” the caption says (and more about that DesignMarch festival can be found in the latest issue of the Grapevine, btw).
In economic news, “there are no composition settlements with Glitnir on the horizon,” and there has been, “inconsistent taxation on capital through the years.”
In strangely titled news, “four women and one man,” (yeah, big time cliff hanger right? Well, the sub headline helps a little bit. Jóhanna wants the procedures of the committee that says she violated equal rights law to be looked into).
And lastly, “factory mills, storage containers and icebreakers don’t work” as prison cells to deal with the overcrowding (our prisoners are accustomed to four star service).
Moving on to DV, Svavar Halldórsson was “shocked to get a heart attack.” There has been some kind of “Icelandic record in the growth of inequality” (that’s no good), there’s something about “books and a broken heart,” and somebody “lives pregnant in a fight commune.”
The “resolution community isn’t supervised” (uh oh), “six million ISK from Landsbanki” (probably vanished), and somebody with a basketball “won’t stop gossiping” (but it’s so much fun!).

This is a Friday roundup of the news that made it on the front page of Iceland’s newspapers. That is, the two most widely read dailys, Morgunblaðið and Fréttablaðið, and the popular tabloid, DV, which comes out four times per week. Check back next Friday for more FUN!

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