From Iceland — Gullfoss Is Beautiful, Mál Og Menning Owners Were Crooked

Gullfoss Is Beautiful, Mál Og Menning Owners Were Crooked

Published February 24, 2011

Today is February 24, 2011. On the front page, Morgunblaðið prints a pretty aerial photo of Gullfoss waterfall. “Gullfoss a steady attraction,” the paper says.
Below the photo, the caption reads, “Icelanders and foreign tourists alike never grow tired of Icelandic nature and Gullfoss is a steady attraction. Þingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir are part of the Golden Circle [in case this well-known fact has eluded any Icelandic reader]. Tourist companies offer organized trips there and those trips are very popular amongst tourists all year around. There is reason to be careful near Gullfoss and guests usually keep that in mind” (and with that last sentence, Morgunblaðið was able to fill the caption space with words).
In other news, “[f]ood prices are rising” due to a rise in the price of oil and fertilizer, foreign “[i]nvestors are staying away” from Iceland due to all the uncertainty in the air (you ain’t seen nothing yet?), and “[t]he Glitnir case against seven individuals involved is being taken up again” in New York.
On the front page, Fréttablaðið reports, the Mál og Menning “[b]ooksellers paid themselves nearly double the housing rent” (oh those sneaky crooks!). See, the owners of the bookstore incidentally also owned the building that housed it and charged “their” bookstore 35% more rent per square meter than the surrounding tenants pay.
Moving on to their daily front-page photo, Fréttablaðið shows a woman doing a pull-up at the gym. The caption reads, “Fifty virile women (maybe something is lost in translation) from CrossFit Sport are working with Landssöfnun Lífs to support the women’s department at Landspítali hospital, yesterday. They raised 1,6 million ISK to improve the department by doing 5.000 pull-ups in one hour (that’s 100 pull ups each in one hour!).
In other news, “Oprah has Icelandic design around her waist.” Designer Unnur Friðriksdóttir posted photos of some belts on Facebook, Oprah and O-Magazine spotted them and made special orders.
What’s more, “Hannes and Pálmi didn’t return on time,” (as in, they didn’t return a document on time) regarding the case being taken up in New York against seven individuals involved with Glitnir. Hannes Smárason and Pálmi Haraldsson were supposed to sign a document (something about their assets in the USA) but they didn’t do it.
DV is usually in this news roundup, but they don’t print on Thursdays.

This is a daily roundup of the news that made it on the front page of Iceland’s newspapers. That is, the two most widely read dailys, Morgunblaðið and Fréttablaðið, and the popular tabloid, DV, which comes out four times per week.

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