From Iceland — Cat Stuck In Tree, Later Rescued

Cat Stuck In Tree, Later Rescued

Published February 9, 2011

A cat in the northeastern town of Egilsstaðir became stuck in a tree, much to the dismay of his owner, but was later rescued by the local fire department, RÚV reports.
When the cat first made its way up the tree, it probably believed it would be able to climb back down. However, for whatever reason, the climb proved to be too challenging for the animal, and it found itself frozen with panic in the boughs of the tree.
The cat’s owner, Kristinn Kristmundsson, was beside himself with worry. All of his efforts to bring the cat back down were for naught, and he spent a sleepless night listening to the mournful cries of his beloved pet.
Fortunately, there does exist a fire department in Egilsstaðir. Firemen arriving on the scene also found the situation daunting. Using a ladder to rescue the animal seemed to only spook it further, as it climbed to a neighbouring tree.
However, the cat was soon convinced to trust the embrace of the fireman, who carried the animal down to its rightful owner.
Kristinn, better known as Kiddi á Vídeóflugunni (and a colourful character in his own right), told reporters on the scene that although the cat was still in shock after its ordeal, that it would soon recover psychologically.
Kiddi has a renowned fondness for cats. When one cat of his passed away, he had the animal frozen, with the intention to eventually clone it. No word yet on whether or not that venture has been successful.
(Special thanks: Gunnar Hrafn Jónsson)

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