From Iceland — Reykjavík Nine Trial: A Conviction Would Be "Absurd"

Reykjavík Nine Trial: A Conviction Would Be “Absurd”

Published January 21, 2011

Another defence attorney for the nine protesters accused of having attacked parliament in December 2008 made his argument yesterday, downplaying the events of the day in question and accusing the prosecution of having not conducted a serious investigation.
Vísir reports that Tryggvi Agnarsson, an attorney defending two of the accused, argued before the court that the incident in question was “just a protest that got out of hand”, adding that to convict the accused of having attacked parliament was absurd.
He pointed to police reports of the incident, referring specifically to one of the accused, Kolbein Aðalsteinsson.
“It seems he did nothing more than walk in [to the parliamentary building],” said Tryggvi in part. “He is arrested and admits his part in the matter. He says he does not belong to any group. He wanted to go to the parliamentary gallery to listen to liars continue to lie.”
Tryggvi said that despite this police report, the prosecution decided to charge his client with, as he quoted from the charges, “an offence against parliament, the government, civil regulations and for breaking and entering. [The protesters] attacked security and police with violence, threats of violence, and disturbing the sanctity of parliament.”
He pointed out furthermore that security footage shows his client walking casually and politely into parliament, and then walking up the stairs to the gallery.
“It is no joke to face such charges,” Tryggvi concluded. “I believe that most Icelanders with their hearts in the right place don’t like it. I consider this case to have gone too far, and built on nothing but air. My clients are charged with crimes that they did not commit. I believe there in nothing in this case that justifies a conviction.”
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