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Icelander Lives Nightmare With Airport Security

Published December 30, 2010

An Icelander travelling with her American boyfriend to the US for Christmas ended up spending the night in jail and being denied entry, on suspicion that she was trying to illegally immigrate.
Vísir reports that Hulda Lind Kristinsdóttir, a model and aloe vera products salesperson, flew with her boyfriend to Seattle, and from there intended to go to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his family. However, security officials began to question Hulda Lind, and when she had difficulty understanding what she was being asked, she was taken into an interrogation room.
There, she says, “began a flood of questions” lasting some six hours. Her questioners looked up her name on Google, found out she was a model, and had apparently come to the conclusion that she was in the US trying to find work as a model.
From there, she was handcuffed, taken to a cell, and spent the night there. Twenty-four hours after her questioning began, she was put on an Icelandair flight back to Iceland.
Hulda Lind said that the experience was “a complete nightmare” and added that she found it “very suspicious that [the interrogators] had decided ahead of time not to let me in the country.”
(Photo: TSA official frisking a nun. Courtesy of

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