From Iceland — Predictions For 2011

Predictions For 2011

Published December 28, 2010

As is customary in Iceland, a psychic has made predictions for what the new year will bring. These predictions are known as the völvuspá, and perhaps the most read one comes from the magazine Víkan. Their predictions for 2011 make the year seem like it should be a stormy one.
Highlights of the upcoming year include:
The current Leftist-Green/Social Democrat coalition will break up, and will be replaced by some sort of national government – where all political parties share power equally. However, this won’t make things any better. Rather, the economy will worsen and protests will increase. Eventually, the situation will lead to a revolution.
A new political party will be formed in the spirit of The Movement (formerly the Civic Movement). Current Leftist-Green MP Lilja Mósesdóttir – who has had her disagreements with colleagues within her own party – will be instrumental in the creation of this “party of the people”. At the same time, Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir will be driven from power.
It is also predicted that a great deal of money will be found in a place where no one has bothered to look before. This money will benefit the public greatly, and is almost at hand.
Disregarding the obvious contradiction between Iceland discovering a treasure that benefits the public, but the economic situation becoming so terrible that a revolution occurs, there is also the fact that these predictions ignore the fact that the economy is recovering and is predicted to continue to do so. On the other hand, it’s völvuspá, and no one really takes it entirely seriously anyway.

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