From Iceland — Icelandic Government Shows "Active Disinterest" in Reykjavík Nine

Icelandic Government Shows “Active Disinterest” in Reykjavík Nine

Published November 16, 2010

One of the so-called “Reykjavík Nine” – a group of protesters accused of attacking parliament – has criticised the Icelandic government of “apathy” towards their case.
As has been reported, in December 2008 nine protesters attempted to enter the parliamentary building through the public entrance. All nine ended up arrested and accused of using violence to try and force their way past security. However, video footage of the incident in question contradicts many details of the official version of events.
Numerous public figures, and a few members of parliament – among the Social Democrat Mörður Árnason – have called for charges against the Reykjavík Nine to be dropped. A petition to that effect, which amassed hundreds of signatures, was submitted to parliament last summer. A more recent petition – newly released and already with around 500 signatures – has called upon the Minister of Justice to use his power to drop the charges against the protesters.
Vísir reports that one of the accused, Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, thanks everyone for their support, but said that she would rather be exonerated in court. Should she be convicted, she said, she hopes that people don’t take it quietly. She adds furthermore that parliament has shown apathy in their silence over this case.
For more on the implications surrounding the Reykjavík Nine, read here.

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