From Iceland — New Volcano Likely

New Volcano Likely

Published November 1, 2010

A new volcano is likely to soon erupt in Iceland, according to an Icelandic geologist who spoke to RÚV.
Tremors have been reported around the Grímsvötn area of southeast Iceland over the weekend, and the glacial ice atop the mountains has begun to rapidly melt, causing flowing waters on par with flooding, the National Weather Service reports.
Geologist Páll Einarsson told RÚV that these combined indicators point to the impending arrival of a volcanic eruption under the ice. However, he adds, it is not his opinion that the eruption will be particularly catastrophic or devastating. This is due to how few people live in the path of the melting ice, and the better conditions of the roads than were present during Grímsvötn’s 1998 eruption.
All the data that local scientists have rather indicate that the eruption will be on par with the one in 2004. Páll believes the eruption that will most likely result this time around will be “small and harmless”.
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