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Capacent Vast Majority Want Minister from Outside Parliament

Published June 2, 2010

According to the results of the latest iteration of an on-going Capacent poll, 80% of Icelanders want ministers from outside of parliament.
The poll is actually in accordance with another poll from last April, which showed that the most popular ministers – Minister of Business Gylfi Magnússon and Minister of Justice Ragna Árnadóttir – are appointees who do not hail from any political party.
Other results from the poll:
-Three-fourths of the nation favor combining and decreasing the number of ministries, while one-tenth are opposed.
-Support for the different political parties is more or less unchanged from the previous poll, taken in April. In order of least to most popular, 14% support the Progressives now and in April, the Social Democrats took a small dip, from 23% to 22%, along side the Leftist-Greens, who went from 28% to 27%. Meanwhile, the Independence Party rose from 28% to 30%.
However, the current ruling coalition remains the most popular force in the country, both in terms of the combined popularity of the Social Democrats and the Leftist-Greens (49%) and when respondents were asked if they liked the job the government was doing (45%).

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