From Iceland — Circling Iceland on Unicycle

Circling Iceland on Unicycle

Published April 27, 2010

A Japanese rice farmer has come to Iceland with the express purpose of circling the Ring Road on a unicycle.
Kanji Hirotaki chose Iceland in particular for this adventure as “there are few people and few cars”, giving him plenty of room to navigate all 1,339 km (832 miles) of road.
RÚV reports that Hirotaki sleeps in a tent along the way, but isn’t bothered by Iceland’s often unpredictable weather conditions – even when temperatures are cold enough to freeze the water in his canteen – as he says he has an excellent sleeping bag.
Hirotaki has given himself two months to complete the journey, unicycling 15 hours per day. He has already made it halfway around the country. He told RÚV that Icelanders have been helpful to give him shelter and food when necessary, providing a welcome change from the noodles and biscuits he’s been eating along the way.
Grapevine believes Mr Hirotaki has rightfully earned our coveted Holy Crap This Dude Is Awesome Award for 2010. Omedeto gozaimasu, Hirotaki-san!
(Photo: RÚV)

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