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Possible to Reduce Pollution Significantly

Published December 10, 2009

According to a report released from the Ministry for the Environment, a number of measures can be taken in Iceland to reduce pollution up to 32% by the year 2020.
Among other methods, RÚV reports, the minstry recommends giving greater support for mass transit, using biofuel on fishing vessels, continuing reforestation and changing taxation on vehicles and petrofuels.
Nearly all of Iceland’s power comes from geothermal and hydroelectric sources, but in the capital area, at least 50% of city land is devoted to car traffic, in the form of roads and parking spaces, mass transit services have been scaled back, there are no downtown bike paths, and there are no public recycling bins next to trash cans downtown. Furthermore, air pollution created by dust kicked up by spiked tires continues to be a problem.
(Photo: globetrotter-games.com)

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