From Iceland — Jacobsen - Saturday

Jacobsen – Saturday

Published October 21, 2009

To be honest, as more of a rockpig enthusiast I feel even more at a disadvantage reviewing DJs than Icelandic rap music. Thankfully one of the people at the door helped with informing me that tonight’s music is run by Reyk Veek, a collective of Icelandic techno and house DJs. Let’s have a go at doing this shall we?
Upstairs I seemed to have missed Þobbi, but caught Moff and Tarkin and their heavy house sound. It may sound very samey to me, but the crowd are completely into it and at this stage of the evening I’m not going to judge their love for these guys.
Orange Volante then arrives and does mix things up at the start of his set by introducing a nice dub beat, before things blend back into more heavy house. I start to realise that I was missing the electro bands back at Batteríið as there was a much more immediacy and closeness in their music compared to this.
I almost didn’t notice that the DJ had changed and Axfjörð was now playing. I’m immediately made aware of his presence by the introduction of a percussion break so good that it literally gives me goosebumps! That certainly was surprising to me. Then it’s all back to the trusted Euro techno.
Meanwhile downstairs, we had Óli Ofur, followed by Asli & Siggi Kalli. However due to the tight enclosed space of the basement, all I kept hearing was a continuous wall of “DOOF- DOOF- DOOF” that I’ve heard in a million other clubs in my lifetime and alas wasn’t really able to discern any difference or nuance in their music.
Towards the end of the night, Karíus & Baktus have their hands on the tiller. I thought the place would be more packed that I’m seeing now. But these guys don’t seem to mind that much. Their set was a little more varied with a more minimal sound, but soon it all melds back to all heavy bass techno.
I call it a night as I feel I’ve had my fill of house and techno music. I certainly feel that I’ve been through the wars sonically and professionally as my carriage takes me into the darkness and blessed silence.
Photo by Julia Staples

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