From Iceland — Vast Majority of Icelanders Want EU Referendum

Vast Majority of Icelanders Want EU Referendum

Published June 11, 2009

Three in four Icelanders believe that the question of whether or not to
join the European Union should be decided by national referendum, according to a
new poll conducted by Capacent Gallup.
The specific question asked was, “How important or unimportant do you believe it is that a referendum be conducted on whether or not Iceland should join the European Union?” Of those who responded, 61.1% considered it very important, 15.2% considered it rather important, 4.9% considered it not particularly important, and 13% considered it of little importance. 15.2% had no opinion on the matter altogether.
1,264 people were contacted, and 62.3% responded. The poll itself was initiated by Heimsýn, a conservative thinktank in the area of Euro issues.
The question of whether or not to join the EU, and whether or not to put the matter to national referendum, is expected to be put before parliament within the next few months. Popular opinion has been moving closer to being pro-EU in recent weeks.

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