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Eva Joly Speaks Her Mind

Published June 11, 2009

Renowned corruption-hunter Eva Joly, who has been appointed by the
Icelandic government to investigate the possibility that white collar
crime led to the financial crisis, told RÚV last night that she’s
considering quitting if the Icelandic government doesn’t do more to
help the investigation.
The popular Icelandic blog Eyjan.is reportedly has in its a position an e-mail confirming her dissatisfaction, saying other parties within the Icelandic government have not shown her complete cooperation in her investigation.
Joly, speaking to RÚV last night, expressed similar dissatisfactions in her interview, saying in part, “I understand the government is trying to work on a solution but if that’s the case then it’s inadequate.” She adding that the government’s special investigator should be someone actually fit for the job. The previous special investigator has already resigned for being not up to the task.
Joly also said that when the investigative committee comes together in November to go over the results of the investigation, there “can be no doubt in anyone’s mind of the special investigator’s competence.”

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