From Iceland — Icelandic President "Not Helping", Says Travel Agent

Icelandic President “Not Helping”, Says Travel Agent

Published March 3, 2009

Arthúr Björgvin Bollason, the information and public relations agent
for Icelandair in central Europe, says that the President Ólafur Ragnar
Grímsson’s recent interviews with the German media has not helped
Iceland’s image, and could possibly hurt it.
Specifically, Bollason refers to the president’s remarks that German investors are going to have to accept that Icelanders are not going to pay back the money Germans lost in Kaupthing Edge. These remarks do not help what is already a sensitive situation in Germany due to Iceland’s decision to continue commercial whaling.
Bollason adds that at least one German retail chain has begun to boycott Icelandic products. Add to that the fact that there are about 200 active environmentalist groups, and a real problem could develop for Iceland.
“We have of course received plenty of threatening letters from Germany.” Bollason told Morgunblaðið “There are threats to the effect that 200 environmental groups would support a boycott of Icelandic goods and services, as well as a travel ban. These threats rain down on our travel agents.”
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