From Iceland — Dorrit Moussaieff Seeks to Make Iceland "Cooler Than Dubai"

Dorrit Moussaieff Seeks to Make Iceland “Cooler Than Dubai”

Published February 2, 2009

Dorrit Moussaieff, wife of Icelandic president Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson,
held a candid interview with the Times Online, wherein she said she
wants to make Iceland a “cooler version of Dubai” among other things.
“Because I have a business background and I’m not originally from Iceland, I
can see things in an objective way,” she told the reporter. “And because I am financially independent I can do what I am doing for Iceland. My clients used to be my first priority. Now it’s Iceland.”
Moussaieff also acknowledged that Icelandś financial crisis wasn’t something that happened overnight.
“We had warnings about it for so long. What I always wanted was more
transparency. There was no clear division about whose money it was, and no
one said who was responsible,” adding, “If you are dealing with other people’s money, you have to take better care of it than with your own. If it’s your own money, fine – go and put it on
number 12 on a casino table. If it’s other people’s money, you owe them a
duty of responsibility and you have to be accountable.”
Her own plans for Iceland, unsurprisingly, focus on diversifying the foundations of the economy.
“I want to develop seven, eight or 10 really top-quality services that Iceland can
become known for.” Apart from tourism, her suggestions are eclectic, to say
the least. “Omega3 oil pills. Genetic testing and LazyTown [the children’s
television show]. And knee operations. Spas. Icelandic water and Icelandic
lamb. We would like to make several different niches.”
The article in its entirety is available here.

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