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13,280 On Unemployment

Published February 2, 2009

According to figures from the Directorate of Labour, 13,280 Icelanders
are registered as unemployed, 8,387 of them in the capital area alone. Within the grand total, 8,354 are men and 4,926 are women. Unemployment was 4.8% – 7,902 persons – in December, the most it had been since January 1997.
As was reported previously, more immigrants than Icelandic citizens are unemployed, but no exact figures are available as many – if not most – immigrants opt to not register for unemployment payments.
The primary task of the new government is job creation. Already, the economy shows signs of recovery, as the exchange rate with foreign currencies saw a modest boost since the resignation of former Prime Minister Geir H Haarde, and another boost today, the day after the new government came to power.

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