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Published January 14, 2005

– for those in Kreuzberg who would like to get back to Prenzl.
The question of hope is irrelevant to local Kreuzbergers, they seem to have actual community, and even if this looks and in a way feels like a café in Prenzlauer Berg, it lacks the sense of lack inherent to the concept. Used to be a furniture store, kept the name. Sweet people, sweet and gay.
or: Let’s just be friends.
On the corner of Zionskirchestrasse and some street, Prenzlauer Berg.
For those who keep a sense of hope but see it as completely irrelevant. Aesthetically utmost satisfying, exclaiming “yes!” to the reality of Prenzlauer Berg. The physical distance between guests expresses an abyss as empty and grey as the streets in winter.
Kastanienallee, Prenzlauer Berg.
Situated in front of two ex-squats, where the queer vegan punk inhabitants have in recent years started paying minimal rent. They are still there, mostly not vegan but freegan, which means they consume eggs and milk-products if they are found in dumpsters. A last glimpse at life at the other side of the monetary economy, the remains of the original settlers.
a bit higher on Kastanienallee, Prenzl
For people in their early thirties, who have lost all hope but still sort of enjoy things.
Oranienstrasse, Kreuzberg.
Decadence materialized, brothel-concept gay, again: the question of hope is sadly absent, you will find actual life and a complex-free expression of libido here, which makes it, in the long run, unbearable for leftist souls.

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