From Iceland — Best Of West Iceland 2019: Best Tour

Best Of West Iceland 2019: Best Tour

Published May 31, 2019

Best Of West Iceland 2019: Best Tour

West is best! However true that sentiment rings, we’ll try a little harder to illustrate what we love about the region. The West of Iceland is a stunning place to explore, offering up some version of the numerous wonders that Iceland at large has become famous for. From the frigid expanse of Langjökull to the otherworldly beacon that is Snæfellsjökull, from the lush serenity of Hvalfjöður to the stark and shapeshifting lava formations of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, from the peaks of mountains to the depths of the lava caves; it is a region rich in well-known sites and hidden gems. To help you out, here is the best tour in West Iceland and the runner-ups.

Best Tour

Snæfellsjökull Glacier Tour
Various providers, Snæfellsnes National Park

Winner of the "Best tour" in west iceland
The Snæfellsjökull glacier is a staggering 1,446m high, crowning the tip of Snæfellsnes. Many would be happy just gazing up at its icy form—but then you’d be missing out on the best tour in the West. There are a couple of ways to summit Snæfellsjökull. 3-5 hour tours will deliver you to the highest accessible point in a snowcat, with the option of skiing back down; other tours allow you to conquer the glacier on foot. It is no doubt the best tour in West Iceland.


Víðgelmir Cave

runner up of the "Best tour" in west iceland
The West is riddled with caves, but you’ll need a guide to safely explore them. One cave with regular guided tours is Víðgelmir. The tour brings you into the heart of the largest lava cave in Iceland, to explore the lava formations therein and gape at the earth’s power.


Into the Glacier
Langjökull, leaving from Húsafell

runner up of the "Best tour" in west iceland
So, you’ve seen glaciers in the distance—but have you been inside one? Into the Glacier is a tour that gives you the opportunity to do just that, via a man-made tunnel into Langjökull. It’s a fascinating glimpse at the lifespan of the ice giant, with history literally frozen into the tunnel’s walls.

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