From Iceland — Grapevine Events: RVK Pride, Páll Óskar, Sleikur 3.0 & More

Grapevine Events: RVK Pride, Páll Óskar, Sleikur 3.0 & More

Published August 10, 2023

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Art Bicnick

Welcome back from Merchant’s Holiday, everyone! Are you well rested? No? Us neither. We dove right into the thick of print week here at Grapevine HQ, but as they say — there’s no rest for the wicked. Speaking of bad witches, RVK Pride is in full swing now and the girlies are out there slaying, mama. The official schedule is jam packed with events for all ages, interests, and alphabet-letters, plus there’s tons of off-programme fun to be had. Like what we have below!

Flesh Machine “Boys In Predicaments” Video Premiere

Thursday August 10 — Röntgen — 20:00 — Free

Gotta love a song about boys. Boys being back in town, boys of summer, boys not crying, you name it. So of course we’re loving Flesh Machine’s latest boys-themed single. Now they’ve doubled-down and gone and made a hot boys-themed music video, full of hot boys doing hot boy shit. Come hang out with the boys tonight to catch the first glimpse of the video over at Röntgen, where the only predicament will be the hangover you’ll be facing tomorrow. Cause nothing says Pride week like hangin’ with the boys. RX

RVK Pride Parade

Saturday August 12 — Downtown Reykjavík — 14:00 — Free

Strap on those walking boots, slap a rainbow sticker on your ass and hit the streets on Saturday for the best party of the year. It’s time for the Pride Parade! Truly covering every colour of the rainbow — and moonbow! — the march gathers together and celebrates the beautiful, sparkling and rebellious world of queerness. From high energy pop-hits and dancers to political defiance, leather and lace, it’s the place where we are all free to be you and me. Come out and let the world know! RX

Páll Óskar Pride Ball

Saturday August 12 — Gamla Bíó, 21:00 — 4.500 ISK

If you have never had the full RVK Pride experience, then oh honey, you have missed out on the absolute best entertainer in Iceland. Every year, we shiver with anticipation for Páll Óskar’s uniquely extravagant parade closing float and it has never disappointed. Every year’s float is funded by his Pride blowout concert, which feels like a disco ball exploding all over you. Have a quick disco nap after the parade and get ready to dance. RX

Seigla Chamber Music Festival

August 11 – 13 — Harpa — 17.900 ISK festival pass, various prices for single event tickets

It may seem like the total opposite of the Pride vibe, but anyone close to classical music knows that it’s as gay as a picnic basket. So if marching through the streets to Lady Gaga isn’t your bag, head to Harpa and delight yourself with the finest annual celebration of chamber music. This year’s meticulously curated program focuses on storytelling through music, with folk and fairy tales, and exploring how poetry and literature influence music. Don your finest 18th century drag and feast your ears. RX


Saturday August 12 — Bío Paradis — 22:00 — 2.500 ISK

Earlier this year, the SLEIKUR club series strutted into town on stripper heels serving a queer haven for the true freaks. Now hitting third edition on Pride night, the all-queer produced party will be next level cunty with iconic DJs Yamaho and Lolli Hjö, The Clubkid aka Ása Kolla, and Fusion Groove keeping the dancefloor hot all night. Hosted in collaboration with Hinsegin Heift & R.E.C. Arts RVK, the venue is fully accessible for all bodies, and the safe-space care-crew will ensure no hateration or holleration in his dancery. RX

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