From Iceland — Grapevine Events: Stockfish, Kælan Mikla, Lúpína and Piano Day

Grapevine Events: Stockfish, Kælan Mikla, Lúpína and Piano Day

Published March 23, 2023

Well well well, if it ain’t time for the weekly events roundup. And this coming week is packed with goodness! The Stockfish Film Festival is back, with no shortage of amazing films to check out. Iceland’s most famous goths Kælan Mikla are playing a homecoming show after a long tour. The all-ages Hellirinn Metalfest 2 is ready to corrupt the youth. American electro-pop sensation Lizzy Young will cure your case of the Mondays. And next Wednesday just happens to be the 88th day of the year, aka Piano Day. Oh and by the way, the events and new music roundups are now a radio show! Tune into Radio 101 on Thursdays at 17:00 to hear all our picks for upcoming events and hot new tunes.

Stockfish Film Festival

March 23-April 2 at multiple times — Bíó Paradís — 12.900 ISK for the Festival Pass

Head on down to Bíó Paradís for a visual feast for your eyes as you enjoy the ninth annual Stockfish Film Festival. As a platform to strengthen collaboration between international and Icelandic filmmakers, Stockfish presents 20 international titles to the public with select award-winning films as well as special screenings. The festival will also feature its short-film competition, Shortfish, promoting the most promising new filmmakers. If you don’t want to spring for a festival pass, you can buy tickets for individual screenings as well as Coupon Pass (6.750 ISK) that will give you access to five screenings of your choice. Stockfish opens tonight at 19:00 with Pamfir, a Ukrainian film by Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk that takes place in the region of Bukovyna, in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. The opening night will be followed by an afterparty at Kex. JB/IZ

Kælan Mikla Homecoming Show

Friday March 24 — 20:00 — Kex Hostel — Free

The goth faery queens of Iceland are back! After a five-week tour through the EU and UK opening for Ville Valo — of HIM fame — the ladies of the cold have returned and are throwing a free show at Kex. They’re actually only back for a week, as they head off with Ville again next week for six weeks through the US. Why are they insisting on playing in the one week they have to chill at home and be hot-tub potatoes? “Because we’re crazy!” says their singer Laufey. Crazy amazing, that is. Get there early and don’t miss out on an absolutely magical experience! RX

Lúpína ‘Ringluð’ Album Release Show

Friday March 24 — 19:30 — Mengi — 2.500 ISK

Celebrating the release of her debut album Ringluð last January, Nína Solveig Andersen a.k.a. Lúpína, throws a release show at Mengi. Lúpína’s music can be described as Scandipop of some sorts, with impressive utilisation of vocoder techniques, evocative of Imogen Heap. Her album was produced in collaboration with students from her music school, the Norwegian LIMPI. Joining her on onstage will be a band and a choir, making for a grand live production. It’ll be interesting to follow the young musician’s trajectory when the debut release show is this ambitious! JB

Hellirinn Metalfest 2

Saturday March 25 — 17:30 — Hellirinn/TÞM — Free, All-ages

What’s a better feeling for the musically enthused youth but to actually be able to attend a concert? No need to worry about faking any IDs or pretending someone you’re not, the Hellirinn Metalfest is open to all. Starting at 17:30 on Saturday, rock festivals Doomcember and Eistnaflug offer a metal lineup for the ages. Ranging from death to stoner metal, the show offers a glimpse into the Icelandic underground scene. Show up with your hair down, slam your head, and join in of the summoning of the devil. JB

Lizzy Young (US), AfterpartyAngel & LadieLex 

Monday March 27 — 19:00 — Gaukurinn — Free

Everybody loves a free show. But when the show is paired with good music, it’s simply a win-win for everyone. Brighten up your Monday night by checking out Gaukurinn around 19:00. On the programme: US-based Lizzy Young, whose first album CooCoo Banana has been making a splash both in Paris and New York, moody electronic pop-rock and sensual visuals by AfterpartyAngel, and a unique blend of synthetic and organic instrumentation by LadieLex, a talented musician hailing from Keflavík. IZ

Piano Day

Wednesday March 29 — 20:00 — Mengi — 2.500 ISK

Come to Piano Day 2023 on March 29 and experience the magic of the piano through the unique sound and creativity of acclaimed composers Miro Kepinski, Sævar Jóhannson and Eðvarð Egilsson, as they release their new music. Held on the 88th day of the year (like the number of keys on a full-size), the international “holiday” is a celebration of all things piano, for players and lovers alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and versatility of the piano and its music! GVDM

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