From Iceland — Well, You Asked: Tuna in for more fishy advice

Well, You Asked: Tuna in for more fishy advice

Published February 20, 2023

Catherine Magnúsdóttir
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Why is it that whenever a restaurant offers a “catch of the day”, it’s always cod?

When in trout, you can always count on cod in Iceland. It even used to be on the o-fish-ial coat of arms (seriously). It’s no seacret that it’s the most common type of fish around here, so there’s no need to cast the net for another piece of bass. Don’t flounder over a menu for ages, cod’s got your back-fin baby, no catfishing involved. Did I use this question to see how many fish puns I could fit into one answer? Shell yes. Will I be herring from my editor? For shore. Codspeed! 

Seriously, your cities need to salt, brine or grit the sidewalks. Why are they left icy?

It’s kind of fun to just step out your door and smoothly glide to your destination without having to lift your feet. Who needs heelys, right? During the height of winter you can watch the locals smoothly skate across the icy planes like ethereal elves on their way to buy more laufabrauð. It’s all quite majestic. Many young and inexperienced Icelanders will still use their bellies to slide around the uneven cities, penguin style. Tourists just tend to fall on their asses. Lol.

Where can I find a good boyfriend in Iceland?

Have you tried the Phallological Museum? Just putting that out there. If that doesn’t tick your boxes, I can also recommend the famous Bæjarins Beztu hot dog stand which our offices used to overlook, so we saw all the remoulade-smattered romance first-hand. If you don’t find love over steamed meat, at the very least, you’ll see a wiener. But that’s probably not the level of commitment you’re hoping for. Then, of course, there’s the abundance of cozy coffee shops around, where you can sit, grasping a steaming cup of hot cocoa while silently praying for a meet-cute for the ages. While we stand by our suggestions, we can’t guarantee they’ll result in finding a suitable partner with whom to dance off into the 4 p.m. sunset.

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