From Iceland — Tourists Name The Biggest Disappointment In Iceland

Tourists Name The Biggest Disappointment In Iceland

Published October 12, 2022

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John Rogers

Lively discussions are now taking place in the Facebook group Travel Iceland, where foreign tourists mention the biggest disappointments with Iceland, reports Fréttablaðið.

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Iceland has been among the hottest destinations in Europe in recent years, with millions of tourists visiting annually. The overwhelming majority of those who commented in the thread seem to have been very happy with the visit to Iceland and even had to dig deep to find something negative.

A few people have said that the biggest disappointment was leaving the country and that’s why they decided to settle here.

Fréttablaðið has collected the funniest comments.

“The weather was what annoyed me the most. I was there for 22 days and to be honest the weather was nice for five days. The day-to-day schedule was planned with regard to the weather,” says a Portuguese man who visited Iceland this autumn.

Another tourist takes a similar line. He was in Iceland earlier this summer and then again this fall.

“I experienced almost the exact same thing. I was here for 22 days between June and July and it rained almost the entire time. It was like a rain cloud following us the whole time. We are now finishing another 23 day trip and the weather has been absolutely fantastic. You never know what the weather will be like.”

More people mention the weather, for example a woman who came during the summer and stayed for three weeks.

“I didn’t expect the weather to be great but we saw the sun three times in 23 days. One day it was four degrees.”

Some people complained about other things in addition to the weather.

“It was VERY difficult to find gluten-free food,” says an American woman.

“The coffee, it was very bad everywhere,” says a Mexican man. However, others do not agree with this statement. “I thought the coffee was great and the best part was how hot it was. Here in the United States, the coffee is more often than not lukewarm,” adds another tourist.

“Long journeys through the wilderness without getting to a toilet anywhere. Otherwise great,” says one American.

“It was very expensive to go out to eat. It was actually also expensive to eat at home,” says a British tourist.

One of the tourists who took part in the discussion experienced an unusual problem: “We were stuck on the main road for an hour with several hundred sheep blocking the road. There was grazing, but there was no indication that roads would be closed because of it.”

Things that caught attention include a poor selection of products in supermarkets, people’s reckless driving style, graffiti on buildings in Reykjavík and a large number of tourists.

There are those who couldn’t find anything negative about the country. “I wasn’t mad about anything. I can’t say that about any other destination and I’ve traveled a lot,” said one of the tourists.

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