From Iceland — Asteroid Explodes Just North Of Iceland

Asteroid Explodes Just North Of Iceland

Published March 14, 2022

Andie Sophia Fontaine
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An asteroid known as 2022 EB5 exploded in the upper atmosphere north of Iceland at 21:22 UTC on March 11th. It was detected two hours before it struck the Earth.

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Principal Engineer of the Catalina Sky Survey Alex R. Gibbs told the Grapevine via email that the asteroid in question was likely two to four metres wide, and exploded with the force of two to three kilotons of TNT.

That said, the asteroid posed little danger to Earth; asteroids need to be roughly ten times this size in order to do any damage, and even then, it matters where it impacts or how high above the surface it is when it explodes.

Astronomer Sævar Helgi Bragason told RÚV that as the asteroid broke apart between Iceland and the island of Jan Mayen, it is unlikely that any pieces of it will be recovered.

EarthSky reports further that the asteroid was traveling at about 18.5 km/s, and was the fifth asteroid to be recorded striking the Earth.

Scientists are looking to hear from anyone who might have seen or heard 2022 EB5. To do so, simply click here and file your report.

We would ask furthermore that if you took a photo or video of the asteroid in question, do let us know–we would be happy to share your findings and give you full credit for your discovery.

(The above photo is not of the asteroid reported.)

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