From Iceland — Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Levied Against Musician

Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Levied Against Musician

Published June 8, 2021

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Auðunn Lúthersson, a singer and songwriter best known by his stage name Auður, has responded to allegations of sexual misconduct that have been made about him in recent days. The fallout from his statement, and the details of the accounts, has prompted at least one organisation to cease working with him.

“Shouldered responsibility”

Second-hand accounts were being circulated widely on social media, alleging the singer had engaged in inappropriate behaviour with girls under the age of 18. Yesterday, Auður chose to address these accounts himself on his Instagram, wherein he posted a note and subsequently disabled comments for the post.

Therein, he confesses to having “crossed the line” with one woman, in 2019, “and did not realise it until we both talked about it later”. He says that he “took the matter seriously, shouldered responsibility both with the woman and by seeking help with a therapist who was pointed out to me by [rape crisis centre] Stígamót.” While insisting that “the responsibility is mine alone”, he also maintained that he and the woman in question did not take off their clothes; that, according to him, her account is that he asked “may I?” but was “aggressive”; and categorically dismissed all the other accounts that have been circulating recently as “myths”.


This statement was not universally well-received. Auður has worked with UN Women, amongst numerous other organisations, in the marketing campaign “Fuck Violence.” He hosted a fundraising concert for the organisation in 2019. UN Women now tells Vísir that they have removed all marketing material featuring Auður.

In addition, famed musician Bubbi Morthens announced that Auður would not be performing with him at a concert scheduled for June 16th. The National Theatre of Iceland confirm that Auður will not be performing in their production of Romeo And Juliet, though his music will remain a feature of the production.

Not exactly well received

Auður’s statement apparently fell flat with a large portion of the Icelandic public as well, especially in the midst of Iceland’s ongoing #MeToo movement. Reactions on social media questioned his disabling comments with the post, said his statement was not actually an apology, and questioned how so many accounts about him could all be “myths”, amongst other critiques.

For his part, Auður closed his Instagram statement by saying that he intends to “work on himself” in the coming weeks and months.

Correction (12.2022): The headline and some details of this reporting have been edited for accuracy and to adhere with the Grapevine’s editorial and ethical standards.

No charges have been brought against Auðunn Lúthersson and none of the allegations have been proven in a court of law.

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