From Iceland — Attempts To Get Mick Jagger To Play In Icelandic Bridge Tournament

Attempts To Get Mick Jagger To Play In Icelandic Bridge Tournament

Published May 11, 2021

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Art Bicnick

The board of the Icelandic Bridge Association held a meeting last week to discuss the next bridge tournament after it has been postponed in recent years due to meeting restrictions, Fréttablaðið reports.

Very ambitious plans are being made for the 2022 tournament, such as inviting the British rock singer Mick Jagger. Lessons for those looking to learn how to play bridge will also be held for those under 25.

The tournament will be held at the Harpa concert hall.

Let’s rock, baby

Jagger is apparently well liked in Iceland due to rumours that suggest the rockstar drinks Icelandic water whilst performing at concerts.

He also apparently cooled off in Icelandic glacial water at a festival in Cuba 2016.

The famous singer came to Iceland in 1999 where he sailed on his yacht to Ísafjörður and visited the maritime museum in Neðstakaupstaður and tasted the so called best shark.

All the big names

Mick Jagger is not the only celebrity that the Icelandic Bridge Association have tried to invite to the tournament. The Bridge Association tried to contact Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, when he visited Iceland in 2016 and get him to attend the tournament; however, he declined.

Attempts have also been made to get US investment king Warren Buffett to play in the bridle tournament. He also sadly declined the offer.

A tournament with history

The president of the association, Jafet S. Ólafsson, hopes that the meeting restrictions will be relaxed before the tournament is held in Harpa in January 2022.

The tournament was founded in 1984 and was then held at Hótel Loftleiðir. As there were fewer tourists 37 years ago, it was easier for the association to get hotel facilities but now it has been more difficult.

Jafet points out the bright spot in the epidemic that it may be easier to provide space next year due to the current reduction in the number of tourists.

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