From Iceland — María Meðalfellsgæs: Where Is She Now? The Inside Scoop

María Meðalfellsgæs: Where Is She Now? The Inside Scoop

Published October 22, 2020

Photo by
Facebook/Dýrahjálp Íslands

On Tuesday the Grapevine told the story of María Meðalfellsgæs: the goose who could not be stopped. The theory is that she was probably raised in a domestic setting and then thrown out; as a result, holiday home owners in Meðalfell couldn’t deal with her home invasions, and even once she was moved to the pond in Hafnarfjörður she couldn’t seem to get her bird brain around the fact that not all passers-by want to hang out with geese all the time.

Dýrahjálp Íslands were concerned for her safety–particularly with all the nearby traffic–and began a mission to find her a new home. Yesterday afternoon the details about that new home were finally released. So where is she now?

Well, María Meðalfellsgæs is living it up in Bessastaðir with her new family: another goose, Gulla, and a bunch of chickens. There are lots of other wild grey geese in the area, as well as a large field and pond for María to take thoughtful wanders around, the haters a mere distant memory. This news was released on Vísir last night.

Dýrahjálp Íslands released photos of the now blissfully happy María on Facebook, wearing a flower crown like the queen she is, and you can also catch glimpses of her on their Instagram. Animal Welfare wants to thank everyone who volunteered to look after María. We wish her all the best.

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