Icelandic MP Wants Government To Condemn Inequality In The US

Icelandic MP Wants Government To Condemn Inequality In The US

Published June 4, 2020

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Logi Einarsson (first to the left above), the chair of the Social Democratic Party, gave an impassioned speech in Parliament wherein he called upon the government to “let Americans hear it” in response to what he described as “deep-seated injustice” in the US, citing the murder of George Floyd as an example.

In session, Logi told his fellow legislators that, despite the ideals that America stands for, “the fact is that a weak social welfare system, inhumane health care system, wealth inequality and a deep-seated injustice puts a large group of people in a hopeless situation that they’ll have a hard time getting out of. One prime example of this injustice is repeated police brutality, most recently with the police murdering George Floyd.”

While admitting that racial injustice is present in more countries than just the United States, with Iceland being no exception, “we in the international community must nonetheless let Americans hear it. Although we Icelanders are few, we do have a voice which is heard and we should use it when needed.”

To this end, he mentions that Iceland has given its input to the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations regarding numerous countries, and implored Parliament to do more:

“We simply must have the spine to speak directly with Americans. This is why I implore the government to criticise the systemic injustice that has pervaded the United States over the past 400 years and not least of all criticise the response of the current president, who is fanning the flames of chaos and is making matters worse.”

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