From Iceland — Eagles Fighting On Lake Mývatn

Eagles Fighting On Lake Mývatn

Published February 5, 2020

Sam O'Donnell
Photo by
Gísli Rafn Jónsson

Two sea eagles were seen fighting over Lake Mývatn. Gísli Rafn Jónsson, resident of Arnarnes near the lake, snapped a photo of this rare incident. The eagles themselves are not an uncommon sight in Iceland, but seeing them on this lake is incredibly rare.

Gísli’s house stands on the part of the lake where ice does not form over the winter. Ducks and swans often visit to fish for trout. Today, an eagle swooped down onto the lake and caught one. Before he could enjoy his newly caught feast, however, another eagle swooped in and tried to take it out of his talons. Before long, the eagles were fighting

The intrepid hunter was able to get away from the scavenger, but not before Gísli snapped a few photos of the majestic birds.

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